what are your hours of operation?

Suwannee Lumber Company operates long hours. However, our business office is open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.

Does your business extend lines of credit?

Yes, Suwannee Lumber Company does extend lines of credit. Learn more about becoming a customer.

i am interested in doing business with your company; may i take a tour?

Yes. In fact, we have several tours each year at our main production facility in Cross City, Florida. You'll need to get in touch with one of our office staff members to schedule a visit. Make sure you wear pants and protective shoes on your tour date. We'll supply you with safety glasses and a vest. Safety is our #1 priority here at Suwannee Lumber Company. Before your guided tour, you'll be taken to our training facility, where all expectations will be explained following a short video.

We are proud to say that are facilities are environmentally friendly, which means we produce little to no waste. No by-products are wasted.

does your facility produce any waste?

Yes, we're always looking to acquire quality timberland tracts in Central and North Florida and Southern Georgia. Call us today at (352) 498-3363 to discuss buy, sell, or leasing options.

are you looking for timberland owners?

We harvest Southern yellow pine, sand, pine and cypress for our products. Moreover, our lumber division only uses the finest Southern yellow pine and sand pine timber to manufacture its decking and dimensional lumber products. Our mulch and soil division uses all three varieties for our mulch and ground cover operations, as well as in our by-product manufacturing.

what types of timber do you harvest?