Active from dawn-til-dusk. 18-wheelers coming in and heading out. saws piercing the aiR. We've got buildings full of energy and a sea of hardhats...but safety will always be our top priority.

There are many different types of heavy equipment used on job sites and in our facilities, from trucks hauling raw materials and delivering finished products to loaders, grinders, tree trimmers, planers, screeners and colorizers. Our daily lives consist of safely operating and managing heavy equipment machinery. Safety on our worksites and in our production facilities begins with you (our end-user) and works its way back through the line to the area supervisor, division managers, and, ultimately, the owners. Suwannee Lumber Company strives to maintain a healthy, well-educated group of employees, ensuring better job performance with fewer injuries.


How do we address safety?

  • Abide by OSHA compliance daily
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly team safety meetings to ensure proper preventative measures are in place and being exercised
  • Mill-wide training for all equipment and its safe operation
  • Specialized new employee training and safety scenarios, including fire awareness
  • Annual AED, CPR, and safety equipment compliance training
  • Annual meetings, tours, and planning sessions with local and state emergency responders to maintain open communication and input from their perspectives
  • Annual hearing and facility noise level testing
  • Employee health service goals and objectives
  • Safety pays: quarterly lunches with awards when earned for practicing safety excellence