With a current capacity to manufacture up to 15 million bags of mulches and soil this year, SUWANNEE RIVER MULCH & SOIL IS A LEADING PRODUCER

Here at Suwannee River Mulch & Soil, our primary purpose is to provide manufacturing, bagging, and delivery of various mulch and soil products, including Jungle Growth and Suwannee River Mulch. What's the Suwannee Lumber difference? Here at Suwannee River Mulch & Soil, all of our work begins in the field where all materials are inspected and purchased by trained staff members. Our mulch and soil products then undergo numerous processes until our employees ensure that the highest standards have been met. 

We’re environmentally friendly

We don't waste our by-products. Each and every step in our manufacturing process is intentional and carefully monitored to ensure minimal waste. All of our bags are proudly stamped with a certification seal from the Mulch and Soil Council, meaning that they are free of debris and unacceptable materials.  Suwannee River Mulch is here to prove that it is possible to provide jobs and produce quality products, all the while protecting the environment. It's as simple as that.